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The comments under this video at YouTube contain valuable information.

This is all sanctioned by the Military Industrial Complex, Illuminati, CIA, FBI, NSA, and Local Police Departments. All part of the ongoing Illuminati-Fallen Angel eugenics programs. As well as pornography, snuff films, sex slavery, and ritual sacrifices, there is a constant need for trafficked individuals. SATANIST CIA ABDUCTION TEAMS ARE IN HIGH GEAR NOW. Hide ya kids hide ya wife because the satanists are always looking for their next blood sacrifice or Mk-Ultra victim.


America’s MIA Children and John M Zielinski

Three thousand American soldiers went MIA during the Vietnam War.

Three MILLION American children disappeared in the USA in the past 30 years.

William Colby, former director of the CIA, warned his friend John DeCamp of the Nebraska state legislature that it was dangerous to investigate this issue. Too many important people in the government and too many important institutions of government are involved in kidnapping, molesting and murdering children…

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